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Misaligned teeth aren’t only unshapely in appearance, they can cause a variety of dental problems, too. If you’re looking to straighten any crooked teeth, whether for cosmetic or health-based reasons, Invisalign may be the orthodontic solution for you. Regardless of your age, Invisalign can help correct and perfect your smile. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign is almost unnoticeable and has no uncomfortable metal parts. At Nashoba Valley Dental, you can be fitted with a comfortable plastic retainer that will gently correct your smile in a little less than a year.

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what to expect

the invisalign process

Instead of one set of braces that can be adjusted over time, the Invisalign treatment uses numerous clear, plastic aligners to guide your teeth into perfect alignment. These trays are custom-made to fit your teeth specifically. Before the aligners are created, Dr. Matthew Annese will scan your teeth with 3M True Definition oral scanners to get a digital imprint. This will then be sent off to an Invisalign lab where your personalized aligners will be expertly crafted.

Once your first set is ready, you can come to Nashoba Valley Dental where Dr. Annese will ensure that they are a comfortable fit. He will also provide the next few sets so that you can replace them freely, removing the need to return to our office every time.

Your aligners must be replaced every two weeks for the process to work within the allotted time frame. Each set will gently correct your teeth towards their proper position. The firm plastic snuggly fits over your teeth and is almost completely invisible. Each set must be worn for 22 hours a day in the two-week schedule. If you somehow fall behind on your schedule, your plan will have to be adjusted and new aligners must be created.

Invisalign works on the principle that teeth don’t need strong, rigid pressure to straighten over time, a firm but gentle aligner can shape the teeth just as successfully. You should schedule an appointment with Dr. Annese every six weeks to ensure that your alignment is on track. During these appointments, you’ll receive the next few sets of your aligners.

treatment time

how long will i wear invisalign?

Depending on the current alignment of your teeth, 20-30 sets of aligners will be used to correct your smile. The average treatment time may vary but generally will only last around 12 months. This is assuming that the aligners are worn for the full duration and only taken out for eating or cleaning, no more than two hours a day.

discreet treatment

benefits of invisalign

  • Practically Unnoticeable: You never need to worry about Invisalign affecting your smile or conversations. The clear plastic aligner can be used by adults and children alike, without friends or colleagues noticing. With Invisalign, the changes are gradual, and the aligner is transparent, so no one else will have to know you’re using the product.
  • No Special Cleaning Required: While metal braces are bulky and hard to clean, Invisalign removes these problems by being removable! The aligners do not need to be worn during cleaning, and your teeth can be fully brushed and flossed without interference.
  • A Comfortable Fit: The aligners are specially crafted to fit your teeth. After the initial period of adjustment, they shouldn’t hurt much at all. While braces apply a more concentrated pressure, Invisalign is gradual. Slight discomfort is still to be expected but not enough to be a bother.
  • No Restrictions to Function or Diet: Invisalign doesn’t restrict jaw movement or prevent occlusion in any way. It won’t inhibit your speaking or singing either. The removable aligners also mean that you can eat and drink anything you like.
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How do I care for my

Invisalign Aligners?

You should clean your Invisalign aligners twice a day, at the same time that you brush your teeth. Use a soft bristle toothbrush and a cleaning solution to thoroughly brush all of the surfaces of the aligner. 

You can either use Invisalign cleaning crystals or a denture cleaning solution that is suitable for aligners. Avoid using abrasive products like toothpaste or alcoholic mouthwashes on your aligners. 

Bacteria and food particles can build up in your aligner if you don’t clean them. You should soak them at least once a day in a solution of lukewarm water and Invisalign cleaning crystals for about 15 minutes to keep them fresh, stain-free, and hygienic. 

Always remember to rinse out your aligners when you take them out. This removes lingering bacteria that transfer from your mouth into your aligners. You will have a special storage case to keep your aligners in when they’re not in your mouth.

Store them here to avoid damaging or losing your aligners. Avoid running your aligners under hot water, which can morph the mold of your aligners.

Can I eat and Drink with

Invisalign in?

When it comes to what you can eat and drink while wearing your aligners, the only approved consumable is unflavored room temperature or cool water.

You will need to remove your aligners before eating and consuming hot or flavored beverages to prevent staining your aligners or trapping food particles in them which can lead to plaque buildup and oral health problems.

However, as long as you remember to remove the aligners first, you can eat a restriction-free diet. Just remember to brush and floss before placing your aligners back in. 

It’s also important that you wear your aligners for a minimum of 22 hours per day so you need to make sure you aren’t frequently removing them to snack or sip on things for longer than 2 cumulative hours per day.

what can

Invisalign fix?

Invisalign is highly effective at treating minor to moderate cosmetic orthodontic issues like small gaps, crooked teeth, overcrowding, and bite problems. 

While Invisalign does have limitations, such as the inability to rotate teeth past 20 degrees, performing intrusion and extrusion, closing large gaps, or correcting very severe bite problems, you might be surprised at how effective Invisalign has become at correcting a range of orthodontic cases over the years. 

With the implementation of Invisalign attachments, which are buttons of composite resin that are bonded to the teeth to help anchor the aligners to further encourage certain teeth to shift and the use of elastics to shift the jaws, Invisalign can correct more severe malocclusions than previously thought, such as underbites, open bites, crossbites, and overbites. If you’re wondering if Invisalign is suitable for you, you can book a free virtual consultation with Dr. Annesse.

is invisalign right for me?

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