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At Nashoba Valley Dental, we’re a one-stop shop for all of your needs. From cosmetic dentistry to Juvederm and Botox, we can provide you with expert, professional treatments in a clean, comfortable setting. Juvederm and Botox can both be used to enhance your smile, and make you look more youthful and rejuvenated. We offer both of these treatments at our office to provide our patients with the complete smile of their dreams.

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Your smile is only part of your overall appearance, and if you are suffering from unwanted wrinkles, thin lips, or other problems that make you feel self-conscious, we believe that these issues should also be addressed!

That’s why we offer Botox and Juvederm fillers. Botox can help you smooth out unwanted wrinkles for a more youthful appearance, and Juvederm can fill your lips, cheeks, and other areas of your face to smooth out and restore sagging skin. By treating your entire face, we allow your smile to live up to its full potential. Our dentists are fully-certified medical professionals, so you can trust us to deliver the best results in a safe, clinical environment.



Both Botox and Juvederm are completely safe and FDA-approved, and offer great results for anyone looking for a more youthful appearance. Botox works by blocking signals from nerves to muscles, which causes wrinkles to relax and soften. It is most often used to treat crow’s feet, laugh lines, and other minor cosmetic problems.

However, Botox can also have beneficial effects for patients who regularly experience migraines, and it may even have the potential to help treat TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder). Juvederm is a natural, hyaluronic-acid based filler. It can be applied to any area of the face, to provide extra depth, to reduce the appearance of scars from acne or accidents, and to enhance the size and shape of the lips.



At Nashoba Valley Dental, our team uses the latest technology to provide completely safe and risk-free Botox and Juvederm injections. Side effects of treatment are extremely rare, and typically limited to only minor redness and itching, bruising, and minor muscles stiffness. We have been administering these treatments for years, and have a history of successful, safe treatment. You can trust us to deliver top-notch care.

What to Expect

At Your Appointment

We will map strategic points of the face to inject Botox, dermal fillers, or both, depending on your concerns and cosmetic goals. Those opting for this treatment to treat pain associated with teeth grinding and TMJ will benefit from having Botox injected into the jaw muscles, temple, and forehead.

However, it’s also commonly injected into the forehead, around the mouth, and around the eyes to eliminate wrinkles and lines. Fillers like Juvederm can be used to plump the lips and create extra volume in the face such as the cheeks, chin, around the mouth, and the forehead. 

To prepare for your appointment, we ask that you show up with a fresh clean face, have eaten a light meal, and are hydrated. We will use a topical anesthetic to numb the area before injecting you with a very small needle. 

This alleviates any discomfort from the injection. Injections are very quick and you may only require a few. You can expect the appointment to be as short as 15 minutes or as long as 1 hour. 

You may receive some ice to help reduce the swelling and you will be given aftercare instructions unique to your case. Common guidance includes avoiding touching your face or laying down for the next few hours. You will also need to avoid strenuous physical activity for 24 hours following your appointment.

How Long Do

Botox and Juvederm Last?

These cosmetic injectables are temporary and will wear off with time. While you will need to return for routine injections to keep the appearance intact, the good news is that should you decide you no longer want them, all you have to do is wait for them to wear off or you can have fillers removed. 

Juvederm lasts for about 6-12 months on average and Botox lasts for 3-4 months but may last a little longer in some patients. People metabolize these injections at different rates and it also depends on where you have received the injection. 

For example, injections in thinner muscles or areas that aren’t as mobile will last longer than strong muscles like the forehead. The smaller the dosage, the quicker the treatment will dissipate.

How Much

Does Botox and Juvederm Cost?

Botox can be priced per unit used or per area treated. Typically it takes about 20 units to treat a single area or a flat rate for a particular zone of the face, such as the forehead. On average, Botox costs about $650. Juvederm is usually charged by the syringe and is an average of $750. 

Ultimately, the cost depends on how many injections you need and how many areas of the face you’re looking to have treated. We can give you a more accurate quote during your consultation, where we can discuss your aesthetic goals or any pain you are looking to resolve with the help of Botox.



If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry, and other cosmetic treatments like Juvederm and Botox, Dr. Annese of Nashoba Valley Dental is here for you. Not sure if these cosmetic treatments are right for you? Contact us now to schedule an appointment with Dr. Annese. We can answer your questions about Botox and Juvederm, as well as all of our other cosmetic treatments, like teeth whitening and veneers.

Call now at (978) 425-9088 to get started, or come to our office at 228 Great Road, Shirley, MA 01464 for an appointment.

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