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If you’re missing one or more of your natural teeth, Dr. Matthew Annese can help. At our office, we specialize in restoring your smile with full and partial dentures. To get started, schedule a consultation at our office today!

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Partial dentures use a plastic and wire framework, which supports one or more false teeth. These false teeth fit into the sockets where your missing teeth used to be, and are held onto your healthy teeth by special clips.

A set of partial dentures is a good way to keep your mouth healthy and restore your bite while you wait to get a dental bridge or a dental implant. Some types of partial dentures can even be used for long-term smile restoration if you would prefer not to get a bridge or implant.

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full dentures

Full dentures are used in the upper arch, lower arch, or both arches of your teeth. This type of denture is only recommended if you have lost most or all of your natural teeth because they are designed to fit over your gums, and any remaining teeth will obstruct the dentures. In order for your dentures to fit properly, all of your remaining teeth must be removed.

Full dentures are a fast, cost-effective solution if your oral health has been seriously compromised due to advanced gum disease, untreated tooth decay, or an oral injury that has damaged most or all of your teeth.

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Preventive Dentistry

The process of receiving dentures is quite similar for both partial and full dentures. However, if you are having full dentures, all your remaining teeth must be extracted before the procedure begins.

First, Dr. Annese will take impressions and images of your teeth. These will be sent to a third-party dental lab, where a test denture will be manufactured. This test denture will usually be made of wax or plastic. You’ll test it to make sure it fits properly, and that it’s comfortable. You may need to repeat this process multiple times to ensure your dentures fit properly.

Once your dentures fit properly, your final set of permanent dentures will be manufactured. When your full or partial dentures arrive at our office, you’ll come in to try them on for the final time. Then, Dr. Annesse will give you care instructions for your new dentures and your procedure will be complete!

You may need to come into our office for a follow-up in a few weeks. At your follow-up, you can discuss the fit and comfort of your dentures. If there are any issues, we’ll be able to adjust the dentures to treat them.

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