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Nashoba Valley Dental delivers exceptional care to every member of the family. We help children feel at ease with a friendly and supportive environment, and ensure the parents and child understand the treatment we offer. When it comes to adult care, we provide basic preventive care, periodontal services, root canals, and sleep apnea solutions. All our services are backed by a trusted and established practice that brings a modern touch of intraoral technology and digital dentistry to the Shirley, MA, area.

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avoid issues

preventive care

The best form of dentistry is preventative dentistry. By catching problems early before they actually become problems, Nashoba Valley Dental can help save you a lot of stress and money down the line. We recommend and offer our patients comprehensive exams and semi-annual cleanings. Taking x-rays to see what’s really going on inside our patients mouths and even offe complimentary second opinions.

remove infection

root canal therapy

At Nashoba Valley Dental, we offer root canal therapy all in office. If you are having trouble or pain chewing regularly, you might be be in need of a root canal. With your option of metal-free crowns our endodontic treatments can not only help save your teeth but have you smiling and eating pain free again. Best of all, we make sure your crown has a natural look and feel to make you most comfortable with your dental health.

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get restful sleep

sleep apnea treatment

Sleep Apnea is becoming more and more common in the U.S. and effecting many American’s ability to sleep. Whether it’s you or your partners snoring that are keeping you up at night, come into our practice to see if we can help. We all know we aren’t our best selves without a good nights rest, let our custom-made oral appliance help you get the sleep you need. Our appliance and therapy instructions have proven to help with Sleep Apnea and improve your health.

keep gums healthy

periodontal care

Gum disease is one of the most common dental issues in the U.S. and it affects nearly half of American adults. However, many patients don't know that they suffer from the condition because its beginning stages only have minor symptoms. At Nashoba Valley Dental, we offer gentle periodontal care to treat and remove gingivitis (the first stage of gum disease).

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