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If you need an emergency dentist in Lunenburg, Shirley, or Groton, Nashoba Valley Dental offers compassionate care and same-day appointments to get you out of pain. Dr. Matthew Annese is experienced in treating dental injuries and emergencies quickly. The team at Nashoba Valley Dental knows how painful and stressful dental emergencies can be, so we want you to have all of the information you need in the event of an injury.

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what counts as an emergency?

There are a number of different dental issues that may count as emergencies. Dental injuries include loose teeth, knocked out (avulsed) teeth, injuries and damage to the gums, cracked teeth, chipped teeth, and impacted teeth that have been driven back into their sockets.

A serious toothache caused by an infected tooth is also a dental emergency. Damage to dental work like a pulled out crown or filling also counts, as the affected tooth can easily become damaged or infected. In general, you are having a dental emergency if you are experiencing pain and discomfort, and you can’t treat the source of that discomfort on your own.

what to do

how to handle dental emergencies

If you have experienced a dental injury, the first thing you should do is call Dr. Matthew Annese at Nashoba Valley Dental for an emergency appointment. Ideally, you should get treatment within 2-12 hours of the dental injury in order to maximize the chance of saving the tooth, and minimize pain and discomfort.

While you wait for your emergency appointment, you can take steps to minimize pain, bleeding, and discomfort. Bleeding can be treated with cotton balls and gauze pads, and should stop or slow after few hours of the injury. Pain medication like ibuprofen and acetaminophen can help reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation. Note that aspirin should NOT be used, as it is an anticoagulant and a blood thinner, and can prevent proper blood clotting.

You can also treat pain and swelling with an ice pack applied to the outside of the mouth. Do not place any ice inside the mouth, only on the exterior.

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At Nashoba Valley Dental, we know how important it is to get emergency dental care. Seeing a dentist promptly is the best way to minimize pain and ensure the survival of your tooth. Dr. Matthew Annese specializes in emergency treatment, and can help you get your life back to normal after a dental injury. Read our testimonials to learn more!

If you are experiencing a dental emergency and need restorative dentistry in Pepperhill, Leominster, or Harvard, don’t wait! Contact us at (978) 425-9088 for an appointment, or come to our office at 228 Great Road, Shirley, MA 01464. We always try to see emergency walk-in patients as soon as possible.

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